The Victoria Steam Exposition was created by Jordan &; Zandra Stratford, please contact us if you have any questions about the upcoming 2013 show.

For Media, PR related stuffs and Vendor applications please contact Jordan

For Artist inquiries, or anything else please contact Zandra

Vendors & Exhibiting Artists:

If you're interested in being a Vendor or Exhibiting Artist at the upcoming Exposition please send an email enquiry with links of your work to either Jordan (Vendors) or Zandra (Artists).

What's the difference between a Vendor and an Exhibiting Artist? 

A Vendor will have a table to sell their wares, please contact us regarding table pricing. 

An Exhibiting Artist means having your artwork displayed within the Kipling Room during the show. There is no fee for Exhibiting Artists but you may not sell your work during the Exposition. Please contact us for further details.