Friday, June 10, 2011


Due to a successful wager with the board of directors of Craigdarroch Castle involving a coal-fired mechanical man, a catapult, and several volunteers who will be truly missed, the Victoria Steam Exposition II is now even better positioned to indulge your steampunk-weekend inclinations.

The $40 weekend pass indeed grants return privileges to the venue, access to all exhibits, vendors and entertainment, but we can now offer the Saturday evening cabaret AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Preposterous, you say!  Ah, but due to masterful negotiation and certain compromising daguerrotypes in our possession, we can and do indeed make this offer.  Your $40 weekend pass now includes the Saturday evening cabaret burlesque featuring San Francisco's glam-noir siren Jill Tracy and other discerning distractions.

Those who have already purchased tickets for both the weekend AND the evening will be offered the opportunity to convert their additional ticket to either an all-inclusive pass or a full refund, whichever they prefer.

For a roster of vendors, entertainers, and what to expect, please view

Jordan Stratford