Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Fabulous... Miss... Rosie... Bitts!

Back by popular demand, Victoria's libidinous ecdysiast Miss Rosie Bitts will be returning to the Victoria Steam Exposition's Saturday Evening Cabaret Burlesque.  Her electrifying routine at last year's Exposition proved that Steampunk isn't always about what you are wearing.

Named a “Notable Canadian Woman” by the National Post, Rosie has performed what has been called “The sexiest burlesque I’ve ever seen” in Canada, and the U. S. She is the head of “Best Bitts Productions” and regularly produces her popular shows “The Bitts of Tease Cabaret” and “Brand New Boobies” as well as her series of classes “Learn to Love Your Jiggly Bitts” and “Gettin Posie with Rosie”.

“If you go to see a burlesque show by Miss Rosie Bitts, you get all the very best that the genre has to offer. With her itty-bitty girl face and voice that blends so very well with elegantly bawdy dance numbers, she offers what is quintessential to the art of strip tease . .. the tease. Bitts combines well-choreographed dance moves, fantasy stage setting and costuming with quirky and compelling music. And even though the acts are sometimes almost bare-bones staging, that naughty, fun, risque and sensual atmosphere never fails. This is burlesque as it should be – it’s just dirty enough to be provocative without ever making you feel like you need a shower afterwards.”
Lynn Welburn- Nanaimo Daily News

“Rosie Bitts strolls, struts, and strips with retro charm and true panache. She’s the real deal and the whole package – a smart performer with a killer routine.”

– Award Winning Author Cherie Priest

“Her performance was ideal… alluring…. aesthetically pitch-perfect”

– Jordan Statford, Impresario, Victoria Steam Expo