Sunday, January 29, 2012

Victoria Steam Exposition Emporium of Curiosities!

Sponsored by The Steampunk Revue, A visual curation of Steampunk, Victoriana, and the Pretty: The Emporium of Curiosities! 

What it is:

A retail selection of fine things, one-of-kinds, from merchants who may not have the inventory to support their own vendor table.

Our artists have always exhibited at no charge – but we've asked for any sales to be completed after the end of the show.  Some artisans produce pieces in small volume, and wish to have them for sale.  Hence, The Emporium of Curiosities.

How it works:

Accepted suppliers pay a $30 display fee, and keep 60% of the retail price of goods sold.

How do I apply?

Email submissions (good-quality photos or links to your website with examples) to  Tell us about your work. How is it made. Price point etc...

If your work is accepted, we will work with you regarding stock quantities and will require a finite list of items complete with prices for sale, by April the 3rd, 2012.

You must either drop off items the day before the Expo or if you are not able to attend please make sure that items are shipped well in advance so that they arrive in time. *Please indicate in your email where you are located on the planet and if you will be able to attend the expo or not.

Costs upon acceptance:

$30 Emporium Display Fee

60% commission of all sold items  (ie. Your item is priced at $30, you get $18, the Emporium gets $12)

Besides the $30 display fee you only pay for what is sold.

After sales are tallied at the end of the show you will be paid your portion of sales and items not sold, will be returned to you at that time.

Things to consider:

Not everyone who applies will be accepted. We need to ensure that your items do not compete with others in the Emporium or compete with our other vendors. Price point will also be considered.

Large items will most likely not be accepted due to space limitations, but may be considered as an art installation if appropriate. Please email us to discuss.

Please email submissions to Steampunk Revue for consideration.