Wednesday, April 25, 2012

VSE III –Thank You!

Well that's another year under our belt and wow was it ever fabulous! The room was a beautiful backdrop to all the wonderful art installations, and extraordinarily talented vendors, and of course the incredibly well dressed participants.

The schedule was jam packed with engaging speakers and presenters including a Steampunk roundtable with Ann & Jeff Vandermeer, Captain Robert Brown, Kaja Foglio, The Airship Ambassador, and Jordan Stratford that was pretty amazing. There was another Theremin performance and we managed to pull a fashion show together on Sunday after all.

One of the things I like most about Steampunk is the collaboration, and that was definitely a strong theme with this years show. There were constant conversations about working together and creating something BIGGER. MORE art in general, and to me that's just about the best thing in the world.

MORE collabs. MORE art. BIGGER!

Chai-Cycle by James McIntyre and Toni Green

The Cabaret Burlesque evening was magnificent with incredible performances by Miss Cherry Poppins, captivating musical stylings by The Tailor and an exceptional high energy performance by Bucan Bucan –Such an amazing night, a huge THANK YOU to all the performers for dazzling us with your talents!

Bucan Bucan

There are plans in the works about bringing in a certain band later this year as a stand alone event... but more details on that as it happens.

Some guy playing the Theremin by Eric Reiswig :)

And lastly, HUGE thanks to all our wonderful volunteers who worked tirelessly to make everything run smoothly. We couldn't do this without your help and we're truly grateful for everything you've done to make VSE another success!

More photos of the event are available via our facebook group and on Flickr.

I'll edit this post in a day or so to include links to all the wonderful VSE artists, panelists, and vendors.

Thank you for being marvelous!


Raven by Randie Feil